Mobile Massage Therapy
We are completely mobile, exclusively providing professional massage therapy on-location. Our Massage Therapists bring the massage table (or massage chair), music, lotion and creams. We offer essentials oils added for your enjoyment free of charge. We ask that you do provide the sheets for your massage, but if this is an inconvenience we can bring sheets for you.

Standard Rates:
60 Minute Massage                                        $115
90 Minute Massage                                        $160
120 Minute Massage                                       $200
*Office Chair Massage (per hour )               $100 
                                            *$20 off chair massage after 1st hour
Style of Massage Therapy
Prior to your massage, our therapists will do a brief consultation to go over the pace, pressure and style that you prefer. They'll ask you about any points of tension and what could be contributing to that tension. A customized massage that is tailored to your needs is what you'll receive everytime. We encourage you to communicate during the massage as well, speaking up if you need an adjustment in pressure.
Better Communication, Better Massage
We provide professional, therapeutic massage. Our therapists are state certified, insured, and have a minimum of 500 hours of training, and far more than that in experience. Our Massage Therapists are training in Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage, Prenatal Massage, Shiatsu and other modalities. Each school will vary in its courses, but each background covers a myriad of techniques that help the therapist to customized a massage for their clients.
When contacting us to schedule please include:
1. The city in which you live.​

2. Your preference for appointment 
date and a time frame window, including your first and second choice.

3. The duration of massage you would like, and if you'd like to take advantage of our specials.
Massage Discounts
Prepaid massages never expire. 
They may be credited towards gift certificates, used by yourself, or by anyone you choose. 
Provided for 60 minute massage sessions, or 90 minute massage sessions. 
60-minute massage sessions

3 massages, $45 off. Your total is $300. $100/massage.
4 massages, $100 off. Your total is $360.  Just $90/massage.


3 massages, $45 off. Total is $435. $145/massage.
4 massages, $100 off. Total is $540. Just $135/massage.

90-minute massage sessions